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Penelope Cruz Fakes

Penelope Cruz Fakes - Parody Nude Pics of Penelope Cruz

Recent Entries:
Penelope Cruz Fakes
Nude Penelope Cruz Beautiful Softcore Image

Just a beautiful girl posing in the nude, that is all we can say about this Penelope Cruz fake. An erotic break in the course of barefaced porn events. Anyway, she says, "Hush! Don't tell anyone".

penelope cruz nude softcore fake

05:41, 2012-Nov-6 | Pernament links | 0 comments
Fake Penelope Cruz Double Penetration

For such a cute girl, can anything feel better than a cock in her pussy? Another cock stuck into her asshole, all at once! Lewd Penelope can't even help biting her lips, so great is the pleasure she is taking with her boyfriends in this hardcore WTF fake issued in 2004.

penelope cruz takes in two cocks at once

See also fake Lindsay Lohan hardcore sex scene featuring a double penetration, and Britney Spears gangbanged by three horny dudes at once!

02:26, 2012-May-28 | Pernament links | 0 comments
Penelope Cruz Facial Cumshot

They did not think long deciding which way they should go with Penelope Cruz that time. After some preparation, they came right on her face, covering it with a thick sticky layer of sperm.


penelope cruz seen after receiving a facial


Miley Cyrus facial


03:28, 2012-Jan-12 | Pernament links | 0 comments
Penelope Cruz XXX Session

We do not actually know what they meant by placing nude Penelope Cruz in the squatting position over two men's images (a strange coincidence, one of the men looks very much like Tom Cruz!). Is she going to piss on them? Seeing the cunning expression on her face, we find it quite possible, and it could be real hardcore. But even if Penelope does not go so far, the pic must be listed as an XXX image without doubt. Regards to Spideykid.

penelope cruz xxx posing


Gillian Anderson XXX Files



02:31, 2011-Oct-20 | Pernament links | 0 comments
Penelope Cruz Hot

Squeezing her breast with one hand, spreading her pussy with the other, Penelope Cruz looks really hot in this fake pic which represents her as professional porn model. They do it in France, and they are right to do it as hot girls deserve special attention and care.

penelope cruz hot fake


Courteney Cox Hot


02:28, 2011-Sep-26 | Pernament links | 0 comments
Penelope Cruz Naked

Sweet and hot Penelope posing naked in a squatting position with her knees moved apart. An adorable combination of very smooth skin and a bit hairy pussy. Some girls are born to stay naked all the time, and we may only regret that they occasionally have to put something on.

naked penelope cruz squatting


Emma Watson Nude and Innocent



23:55, 2011-Aug-15 | Pernament links | 0 comments
Penelope Cruz Sex

penelope cruz anal sex

See Penelope Cruz having sex again! This time, they decided to make it hotter, and stuck the dick right into her ass. And yes, Penelope Cruz is not the only celebrity represented to be practicing anal sex by fakirs. Here's one more sample which features Paris Hilton Having Anal Sex in a very similar position.

06:55, 2011-Jul-8 | Pernament links | 0 comments
Penelope Cruz Boobs

penelope cruz boobs

A nice Penelope Cruz Boobs parody. Penelope Cruz is represented as an amateur girl posing nude in her bedroom. Although you may see the girl's pussy as well, her breasts draw your attention first of all. Definitely, they chose a girl with very attractive tits to fake Penelope Cruz.

Charlize Theron Boobs Fakes

02:47, 2011-Jun-2 | Pernament links | 0 comments
Penelope Cruz Porn

Penelope Cruz Porn. Hot Hollywood babe playing with a dildo. A hardcore porn fake starring Penelope Cruz in most risky circumstances. A hot fake porn scene featuring Penelope Cruz caught ready to stick a white dildo into her pink pussy. Congratulations! Penelope Cruz has passed her adult audition swiftly and gracefully.

Scarlett Johansson Porn


penelope cruz porn


04:41, 2011-May-5 | Pernament links | 0 comments
Penelope Cruz Pussy

penelope cruz pussy


An explicit Penelope Cruz Pussy fake. Penelope Cruz is not only presented nude here, not only her legs are spread, but her pussy lips are stretched and vagina is exposed. Don't you feel horny, isn't your cock already hard? How hard would it be if you saw some other celebs' pussies, e.g. Charlize Theron pussy, or Miley Cyrus pussy? They will make a nice company to this Penelope Cruz pussy pic without doubt.


05:04, 2011-Apr-10 | Pernament links | 0 comments
Penelope Cruz Ass

A funny Penelope Cruz Ass fake. You may not only enjoy Penelope's ass and some of her crotch here, but have more fun looking at her naughty face expression.

penelope cruz ass

Oh, she's a teaser! Standing in front of you with her curvy bottom twisted, laughing playfully, as if she's encouraging you to give this butt a hearty slap. The one who has made this fake of hers (The Ringer, as far as we can see) must have a great sense of humor besides the fact that he is a true admirer of Penelope Cruz and a big lover of girls' asses :)


23:44, 2011-Mar-27 | Pernament links | 0 comments
Penelope Cruz Fucked

penelope cruz fuckedPenelope Cruz fucked doggy-style. The fake was so skilfully made that they even had to put a disclaimer in the corner, saying that it was only a fake, i.e. it was not Penelope Cruz who was fucked, and the body belonged to a different model.

See more of Penelope Cruz Fucking

23:02, 2011-Mar-14 | Pernament links | 0 comments
Penelope Cruz Squatting Nude

fake penelope cruz squatting nudeNow you will see some more of Penelope. Yes, more, because in addition to the big tits seen in the previous pic, you get a camel toe, which can be examined quite well as the girl is squatting on a folding chair, with her bottom a good two feet above the ground.

Full-size pic.


02:37, 2011-Feb-25 | Pernament links | 0 comments
Penelope Cruz Nude

You may often see Penelope Cruz dressed, but you may rarely see Penelope Cruz nude. We mean, completely nude, and posing. The problem seems to be permanent. But there IS a way out. Fakes! All your wildest dreams will come true with them. You don't believe it? Just browse through a few free samples, and you will definitely say, 'I can't believe my eyes! It is really Penelope Cruz, nude as she is...'

penelope cruz nude

See a larger sample

01:11, 2011-Feb-4 | Pernament links | 0 comments
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